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Williamstown wants the REAL NBN - not dozens of ugly nodes installed on Williamstown's footpaths.

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Dozens of ugly nodes will be installed on Williamstown's footpaths under Malcolm Turnbull's second rate NBN.

These ugly nodes are needed to house electrical equipment and to change the fibre to copper telephone lines.

Would Malcolm Turnbull or anyone else want one of these in front of their home?

The National Broadband Network is the largest and more important infrastructure project in Australia. It is important that it is done right.

Malcolm Turnbull's Mess - the second rate copper NBN is rolling out slower than Malcolm Turnbull promised, and it is a lot more expensive than he promised. And now, these ugly nodes are being installed on Williamstown's footpaths.

Sign the petition to say no to Malcolm Turnbull's ugly nodes in Williamstown.

We'll Put People First.

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