International Relations Grants Program

(Australia-China Council)

This program aims to support projects across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Australia that broaden and strengthen Australia-China relations in education, business, culture and the arts. It is part of the International Relations Grants Program (IRGP) that provides grants to foster people-to-people and institutional links – bilaterally and regionally – in support of the government''s foreign and trade policy goals and to project a positive contemporary image of Australia.

The grants program is centered on three priority areas:
- Education
- Economic diplomacy
- Arts and culture

Its cross-cutting themes are:
- Mobility
- Capabilities
- New areas of engagement

Funding is capped at $40,000 per application. The level of funding for an individual application may only be increased in exceptional circumstances. If requesting more than $40,000, applicants will need to demonstrate significant potential of the project to make a long-term positive impact on the bilateral relationship within the funding priorities of the council. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider project costs and note the assessment committee is unlikely to recommend many projects be funded over $40,000 limit.
Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include individuals and organisations.
Individual applicants must be Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents. Proof of citizenship or residency may be required.
Joint applications may be accepted from non-Australian individuals or organisations who are working in partnership with Australian individuals, groups or organisations. Australian individuals or organisation should be the main applicant.

Eligible Activities

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:
- Education
a) Projects involving education-related internships, Fellowships, professional placements and visit programs.
b) Projects offering innovative and practical solutions to increase interest in Chinese linguistic and cultural studies in Australia, resources and applications on Chinese language and studies, studying in China guides.
c) Innovative projects investigating and developing new areas of education and science engagement.
- Economics and business
a) Projects involving business-focused internships, work placements, mentoring, reciprocal visits by business leaders.
b) Projects producing resources and applications on opportunities, achievements, risks in the economic relationship, outreach, advocacy and professional development programs assisting business community to enter and succeed in China.
c) Practical initiatives exploring opportunities in emerging sectors, events on new and emerging areas of the bilateral economic relationship.
- Arts and cultures
a) Residencies, tours, exhibitions (in-bound and outbound).
b) Project showcasing Australian creativity and artistic capabilities to Chinese audiences, programs which develop capabilities of Australian cultural institutions and artists to enter and success in China’s cultural sectors.
c) Practical initiatives developing and investigating new areas of cultural exchange, opportunities for Australia in emerging cultural sectors and regions (e.g. second and third-tier cities in China).

Applications close by 12pm on 4 April 2016.



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