These awards honour companies that are at the cutting edge of technology innovation and recognises the achievements of home-grown Australian innovators. Its key goal is to discover, recognise and reward the ICT innovations that have the potential to, or are already having a positive impact on the community – at home, in the office and on a global scale.

The iAwards encourages nominations from corporate, research, academia, government and start-ups. In some cases joint nominations are made from partner innovations. The award categories reflect the ongoing changes in technology and provide applicants with a focus on the key purpose or market for the nominated innovation.

The award categories are:
1. Core Category Awards
- Consumer
- Community Services
- Industrial and Primary Industry
- Business Services
- Public Sector and Government

2. Student Category Awards
- Junior Students
- Senior Students
- Undergraduate Tertiary Student

3. Cross-category Award
- Cross Industry Awards will identify innovation excellence in R&D, Start Up and Export-readiness:
a) Research & Development Project of the Year
b) Start-up of the Year
c) Exporter of the Year
- Cross Technology Awards will recognise innovation in Infrastructure & Platforms, Big Data and Mobility:
a) Infrastructure & Platform Innovation of the Year
b) Big Data Innovation of the Year
c) Mobility Innovation of the Year

Nominations may also be eligible for one or more State or National Awards:
- Pitchfest Award
- Innovation of the Year
- Victorian Government Inspiration Award
- AIIA Accelerator of the Year Award

For more information visit the official iAward website: https://www.iawards.com.au/

Applications close 31 March 2016



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