Revenge porn is a vicious practice we mustn't tolerate under Australian law

26 October 2015

Smartphones and digital cameras have changed relationships in the 21st century. These days we’re in constant contact with the people we love and it’s become second nature to document and share our everyday lives.

Look at the Big Picture: There's Money in Data

The National Information Policy agenda announced by Bill Shorten dodges the reform galahs and sets a course for an innovative, economic reform agenda based on an insight largely ignored in our political debate: the centrality of data to digital innovation.

The Need for a Flag that Represents Us

SBS - 10 September 2015 

In a uniquely Australian fashion, we’re more likely to wear our flag on caps and capes, t-shirts and thongs, rather than fly it on a flagpole. And why not? Most of us love our country and enjoy celebrating our national pride.



Revenge Porn is a Horrible Sexual Violation. It Should be Criminal.

Mamamia – 2 September 2015

Revenge porn is the most extreme example of how new technologies are being used to exercise power and control over women, to shame them, and to silence them.




World's Envy: Australia's Higher Education System

Chifley Research Centre

Joseph Stiglitz’s recent visit to Australia, including his Chifley Conversation with Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen and Chifley Research Centre ED, Michael Cooney, has sharpened the focus on values in the Australian political debate. 




Model of Poor Planning

The Australian - 17 February 2014 

AMONG the worthy tomes in the Grattan Institute’s 2013 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister is The Blunders of Our Governments, Anthony King and Ivor Crewe’s excellent new study of British policy ineptitude.


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